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Database migrations in Go, building a sounds status bar, Google App Engine’s runtimes & more


The Go Gazette

January 4 · Issue #36 · View online
Weekly curations of blogs and tools for Golang seniors.

Go’s http.Transport and 408 response code – what happens?
/etc/nsswitch.conf and /etc/hosts woes with the Alpine (and others) Docker image and Golang
Database migrations in Golang
Gracefully restarting a Golang web server
Inanc Gumus

func wastage() string {
// ...load a huge string

// return a smaller slice of it
return s[:128]
// whole s stays in memory


func stingy() string {
// ...
return (" " + s[:128])[1:]
// 👍

3:36 PM - 30 Dec 2018
Building a BBC sounds status bar app for macOS
How I structure Go after 2 years work in industrial programming
Adding a GUI to Golang
Better Go syntax
goenv 2.0.0, beta 1
Damian Gryski
Awesome #golang security resources
2:44 AM - 27 Dec 2018
API mocks for the minimalist
Towards an application framework for Go
The Go effect after 7 years with Java
Remote jobs
Suplari - Full Stack Senior Software Engineer
Devoted Health - Full Stack Software Engineer
Hooked - Backend Engineer
Brian Ketelsen
The @gophercon 2019 CFP is open from today through January 31. Our CFP process gives priority to first time speakers. This is *your* chance to share.

#golang #gopherconorbust
3:55 AM - 2 Jan 2019
Gitlab - Backend Engineer - Gitaly (Ruby & Go)
Planet - Software Engineer, Machine Learning Infrastructure
Nick Craig-Wood
I reported a bug in the Go compiler this morning and the Go team have fixed it before the end of the day! Very impressive and thank you all. #golang
10:54 PM - 2 Jan 2019
LiveAuctioneers - Software Engineer
VerticalOps: Mid to Senior Golang Developer
Do Google App Engine’s runtimes perform Homogeneously? An empirical investigation for bonus computing
Implementation and evaluation of secure and scalable anomaly-based network intrusion detection
Serverless Computing London: Nate Taggart - Rethinking Testing For Serverless
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