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Error handling in Go 1.13, advanced Go NFTables, Uber's Go style guide & more


The Go Gazette

October 17 · Issue #77 · View online
Weekly curations of blogs and tools for Golang pros.

From the core team
Working with errors in Go 1.13
Function currying in Go
Modules - part 1: why and what
Flat application structure in Go
Interpreting Go
Advanced NFTables with Go
The beauty of io.Reader in Go
Gergely Brautigam
I drew a thing using #lineasketch. It's Dave Cheney's Practical Go workshop summaried in a mind map sorta fashion.
1:48 PM - 11 Oct 2019
Implementing Dijkstra Algorithm in Go
Using Go's concurrency for graph computation
Uber's Go style guide
Decorators in Go using embedded structs
Brad Fitzpatrick
#golang defer statements got faster in Go 1.13 and got much faster just now, for Go 1.14:

"cmd/compile, cmd/link, runtime: make defers low-cost through inline code and extra funcdata"
9:10 PM - 16 Oct 2019
How to build a custom K8s ingress controller in Go
Go tools
Goa v1 versus v3
A simple SSRF-testing sheriff written in Go
TinyGo 0.9.0 is out with Go 1.13 support, improved board flashing, experimental support for Windows 10, and so much more. Thank you to all our amazing contributors! #golang #tinygo #embedded #WebAssembly #arduino #adafruit #wasm
4:21 PM - 17 Oct 2019
Nsq: A realtime distributed messaging platform
A Go refactoring story in four parts
I drew all* 84 people I work with as Gophers
Vincent Composieux
I just released a new open-source Go library called ☔️Gache (Go + Cache) that I hope will help you to bring cache into your projects with multiple stores, chained caches, load function callback, Prometheus metrics and struct marshaller #golang
3:43 PM - 13 Oct 2019
From Stackoverflow to CVE, with some laughs
If you don't test it in automated testers, it's broken
Over-complicated Go system to remind me to drink water
Academic Go
Compiling linear and static channels in Go
Exploring Go for web APIs & microservices - Rainer Stropek
Duration: 1 hour
Wasm: your browser is the new OS - Jeremy Likness
Duration: 46 minutes
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The Go Gazette is a mailing consisting of the finest blogs and tools curated for Golang prosI’m Maarten, your curator, working from the Netherlands to help building a cloud software development platform called Jexia.
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