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Go 1.11 rocket tutorial, debugger from scratch, web scraping & more

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The Go Gazette

September 21 · Issue #21 · View online
Weekly curations of blogs and tools for Golang pros.

Maarten uses Go to build the back-end of developer platform Jexia. You can check previous newsletter editions here.

Go 2 Draft: Generics
Error handling and where Go 2 gets it wrong
Handmade mutex in 28 lines of Go
Log deletion on ELK stack using Go
Golang testing — icmd
Pablo C. Díaz
I made a circuit-breaker (health-check) in #golang

Built with #Carbon, by @dawn_labs
5:21 PM - 21 Sep 2018
Web Scraping using GolangThe Tara Nights
How to debug a running Go app with VSCode
How to deal with lower/upper bound binary search
Go 1.11 rocket tutorial
Programming snapshot – Go
A debugger from scratch — part 2
Kat Zień
Hey @LondonGophers! 👋🏻
You can find my slides here:
And the demo app repo here:

Thanks for coming along this evening, hope you enjoyed it! 🙌🏻💙
9:30 PM - 19 Sep 2018
Go microservices, part 15: monitoring with Prometheus
A practical way to automate testing Oauth 2.0 Service — Part 2
Building a finance tracking REST API using Go with TDD - Part 2
Mage - make/rake for Go
GoLand 2018.2.3 is now available for download
GopherCon 2018 Recap
An interesting little detail in Golang
We bet you're excited to see the Gophercon 2018 videos...

#golang #gopherconorbust
6:30 PM - 11 Sep 2018
How expensive is a Go function call?
Migrating Passenger from C++ to Go?
Running GoLang on an STM32 MCU. A quick tutorial
Go Modules - Stuttgart Go Meetup - YouTube
#227 Running GoLang on an STM32 MCU. Why and how. // Tutorial - YouTube
Damian Gryski
How many bytes of randomness do you need to generate a 1024-bit prime?

This question came up the #crypto channel on the Gophers Slack. I decided to find out.

9:57 PM - 20 Sep 2018
An Interactive Go REPL in the browser with WebAssembly #webassembly #Golang
7:04 AM - 21 Sep 2018
Golang (Radio) Show, episode 126: interview William Kennedy
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