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Go at American Express, Uber's Go dependency injection, FyneConf videos & more


The Go Gazette

November 28 · Issue #84 · View online
Weekly curations of blogs and tools for Golang pros.

Creating a bloom filter with Go
The Gopher Academy blog is looking for more authors for the 2019 Go Advent series. Come submit a post for any Go-related topic to share with the world. #golang #AdventOfCode

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4:54 PM - 28 Nov 2019
Closer look at Go’s sync package
Real-world reports
Simple Go mocks
Writing a reverse proxy in Go
Making your Go app configurable
Damian Gryski
TIL: go vet -c n

Prints `n` lines of source code around the bug.

6:12 AM - 22 Nov 2019
Choosing Go at American Express
Rewriting Go with AST transformation
"Beating" C with 400 lines of unoptimized assembly
Unit testing Golang on App Engine
Checking a web page for dead links
Uber's Go dependency injection with Fx
The FyneConf 2019 videos are now all edited and uploaded for anyone who prefers a playlist to the live stream. Thanks very much to everyone who watched live, see you next time #fyneconf #golang
12:55 PM - 25 Nov 2019
Porting Go to microcontrollers - Part 2
Golang: stop trusting your dependencies
Go tools
CockroachDB integration testing
Hugo 0.60.0: CommonMark compliant
TinyGo 0.10 is out! New @adafruit M4 boards, blocking selects, LLVM 9, and so much more! #tinygo #golang #embedded #webAssembly #wasm #arduino #adafruit
6:55 AM - 27 Nov 2019
Simple Bash script to automate Go language tools
DeepSource Go analyzer is now generally available
Making Go package versions static and non-deletable
Why I like Go's HTTP client as a Java developer
Versioned Go and the future of package management
It's Go Time!
🎁 New episode of Go Time!

🗣 Graph databases
💫 @francesc @rakyll @jboursiquot @matryer
💭 #golang #databases

5:04 PM - 27 Nov 2019
Can Docker over ssh save your battery from running out?
Optimizing observability with Jaeger, M3, and XYS Optimizing observability with Jaeger, M3, and XYS
Building a self-replicating cellular automaton in Go
Duration: 134 minutes
Jon Calhoun
My Black Friday sale is live! Save 50% on #golang courses.

Web Dev w/ Go -
Test w/ go -
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Thanks for being awesome and all your continued support!
9:37 PM - 27 Nov 2019
About the Go Gazette:
The Go Gazette is a mailing with the latest and finest blogs and tools for Golang prosI’m your curator Maarten, currently building Jexia, a cloud platform providing devs with a serverless back-end.
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