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Golang channel deep dive, async task sharing, encrypted keys & more

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October 5 · Issue #23 · View online
Weekly curations of blogs and tools for Golang pros.

Maarten uses Go to build the back-end of developer platform Jexia. You can check previous newsletter editions here.

Diving deep into the Golang channels
Brad Fitzpatrick
The onesiest release ever! The most one digits in a Go release you'll likely ever see! #golang
8:16 PM - 2 Oct 2018
Java vs Go. Testing a large number of users
Go Hex arch
A UDP server and client in Go
Async task sharing using Golang
Uber Engineering
How the #Golang programming language helped us build and scale our highest queries per second microservice, for geofence lookups.
1:04 AM - 5 Oct 2018
Calling .NET 4.5 C# methods from Go, a WIP
Create a Go application with online presence
Russ Cox
In happier news, shows a -13% geo mean for regexp benchmarks, which is not too shabby (see and earlier CLs). #golang
9:38 PM - 4 Oct 2018
Using encrypted private keys with Golang HTTPS server
Go based proxies for developing mobile sites on corporate WiFi
Running Go from Android/iOS
Golang testing outside gotour
Auto-completion, Go to definition features when using Go modules, commands to run all benchmarks in file and package, using v2 of delve api by default, and more in the latest update to the #golang plugin to @code
For more details:
11:46 PM - 3 Oct 2018
Deploy OpenFaaS on AWS EKS
Iterative optimization on hot paths
GraphQL subscription with Golang and React JS - Part 1
How to develop a serverless application with Fission - Part 1
LINE Engineers: implementing Flex Messages with the Go SDK
Real-time IoT analytics, by Mosquitto, AWS Kinesis and InfluxDB
NanoPC-T4: no room for anything else - Review
#230 NanoPC-T4: No room for anything else. // Review
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