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Upcoming Go 1.13, minimal generics contracts, reader-writer locks & more


The Go Gazette

April 26 · Issue #52 · View online
Weekly curations of blogs and tools for Golang pros.

Int vs. interface: generic containers in Go
Go 2 generics: usefulness of requiring minimal contracts
Brad Fitzpatrick
Go 1.13 is shaping up to be pretty fun:
- modules
- defer on stack (
- bunch of GC return-memory-to-OS improvements
- bunch of optimizations
- linker memory reductions, some speed
- record version & dep versions in binary
- sync.Pool love
- ...
1:09 AM - 26 Apr 2019
Implementing reader-writer locks
The needlessly distributed phallic object generator
Andrea Zucchini
Context and Cancellation of goroutines #golang #go
1:23 PM - 27 Jan 2019
Istio observability w/ Go, gRPC, and protocol buffers
Building custom Kubernetes Operators in Go - Part 3
Cavezzan Patrice
Unit Testing http client in Go
12:23 AM - 25 Apr 2019
Deploy Pipeline Kubernetes Engine on AWS w/ Cadence
Monitor 1,000 network devices w/ Sensu Go and Ansible
Caddy 1.0.0-beta2 released
Using WebAssembly with TinyGo
Spiral Scout
Spiral Scout Releases Open Source, multithreaded PHP application server library for Golang called RoadRunner. #php #golang @webdevelopment #softwaredevelopment #opensource #opensourcecommunity
9:16 PM - 24 Apr 2019
New features in Thanos 0.4.0-rc.0
Vulcanizer: a library for operating Elasticsearch
Orchestration engine to execute asynchronous logic
Thinking in Go
Writing a Golang library in a week
Gergely Brautigam
I wrote a thing Applying Afferent and Efferent coupling metrics from @unclebobmartin to the @golang ecosystem. I'm interested in ideas how this fits. I also wrote a tool does static analysis to calculate instability. Enjoy. :)
10:31 PM - 22 Apr 2019
Columbus: in search of new frontiers
Scientific paper
Software microbenchmarking in the cloud. How bad?
dotGo 2019 - Jessica Frazelle - A dive into RISC-V
dotGo 2019 - Dave Cheney - Constant Time
dotGo 2019 - Daniel Martí - Optimizing Go code without a blindfold
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